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       Alti Wear Resistant(Shanghai) Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2005, We are specialized in wear resistant dredge pipeline research and application,Our company is located in Shanghai Free Trade Zone .we have a plant 8000 square meters for cladding products,and an office 1900 square meters for research and development. We can provide cladding pipe diameter from 400mm to 1700mm,cladding elbow diameter from 400mm to 1700mm.cladding Tee diameter from 400mm to 1700mm.At the same time also has a variety of different wear-resisting shell, shell, carrier, container class product production and repair ability.

       Our company have fully automatic circumferential welding machines for elbow internal surface cladding.Our circumferential welding a circumferentially direction metallic cladding bead around the interior surface of the elbow.Our welding machine runs the cladding bead in a helical pattern. The width and thickness of welding bead can be adjusted during the cladding process . And other bead application patterns are also possible  by setting  PLC program.The old fashion elbow cladding way is that the welding bead runs parallel to the pipe axis to lay melted materials to form  longitudinally-direction cladding beads. That cladding beads direction  parallel to the direction of flow is more prone to abrasion than cladding beads oriented transversely to the flow direction,And it has been noted that the laying of cladding beads parallel to the flow direction tends to distort the cross-sectional shape of the pipe, due to residual stresses caused by differential cooling of the cladding beads.Circumferential cladding for elbow internal surface is more fast way and causes less cross section distortion.The overlay of circumferential cladding bead is better controlled than longitudinally-direction cladding beads. The flatness is much better than longitudinally-direction cladding.
       We strive to understand the customer's needs,and always pay attention to product adaptability, durability,and safety of our products application.To provide customers with complete product manufacturing solutions and comprehensive after-sales service is our professional pursuit,Alti Wear Resistant (Shanghai) Materials Technology Co., a leading professional dredge pipeline supplier ,we provide 24 hours for professional advice and services for customers.