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ALTI is a leading manufacturer of chromium carbide overlaid components and piping systems used in: mining, oil sands, oil field, forestry, construction and general manufacturing.(Any industry that deals with wear, erosion and corrosion.)

We use bright arc surfacing flux-cored wire, we cover machine adopts the pendulum arc circular weld indentation in the inner diameter of the elbow. We are the only company in China to do this.The advantage of this process is: The percentage of ovality and diameter shrinkage is significantly less than conventional methods. This control over distortion allows for easier
fit-up and attachment with lower flow deflection while materials travel through the elbow.

ALTI’s custom designed hard surface wires used in the overlay process (by our advanced machinery), are combined with the oscillated weld bead and circumferential overlay process; producing an extremely consistent overlay and smooth surface. The end product is an overlay that has low surface turbulence resulting in an increased lifespan. This end product is far superior to the old standard of “longitudinal” overlay used by our competitors, which resulted in high levels of distortion and slow weld times.